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Microsoft RichCopy is an advanced program to copy files
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Microsoft RichCopy is an advanced program to copy files. Although it allows for a fine tune and complex configuration of every copy detail, it can also be used just as a “fast copier”. It has a simple graphic interface for the more basic uses, but if you need them, you will find all the advanced options.

One of the advantages of RichCopy is its multithreading, which allows for several files to be copied at the same time. Furthermore, this program can copy files being used and with special attributes (hidden or system, for instance). The configuration parameters allow for all of these data to be kept, or to be ignored, which means you can, for example, make a simple backup of all your files without security attributes.

If you ever had to copy a large amount of files in Windows, you know this can be a very tricky operation. Any simple mistake and Windows will stop the copy, leaving you with no information about what was copied and what was not (and no way to see that error message again). RichCcopy promises to end all that.

You will also be able to use this program as a backup utility, choosing several folders and subfolders to be copied to the same location.

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